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Winterize Shminterize: Thawing out my T@G Teardrop

I am a list keeper. One of my unintentionally longest lists is “lessons I’ve only had to learn once”. I hate adding to this list as it usually implies something has gone terribly wrong. But I’ll admit it is better than adding to its evil step-list, “lessons I never learn”.


My amazing cousin Lauren to the rescue!

I made the decision to stray from the flock of “snow birds” and spend much of my winter in Colorado. I knew I’d be unable to use my outdoor sink in my T@G during this time, so I planned to winterize her. “Planned” is the key-word here. Allow me to save you the trouble of learning this first hand: Winterize your RV before it freezes, not after.

Winterizing your T@G is actually incredibly simple. There is not much plumbing to worry about. As usual, I’ve documented my (mis)adventures in this video, and added a few of my own personal tips.

Vlog #10: Winterizing your T@G Teardrop

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A special thanks to Vince’s GM Center for providing warmth, and to nuCamp RV for the loving tech support!

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