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uCamp '22: A gathering of TAG, TAB & Teardrop Campers

Highlights from the 6th annual uCamp Rally


Even after 6 years of uCamp rallies, it seems like they just keep getting better and better!

Describing this rally to someone who has never been is really difficult! They think we may be kind of crazy. But once you go, you know.

If you've ever spent significant time with me, I've probably forced you to play my favorite game: highlight, lowlight, and grateful. When I was thinking about writing a blog for this rally, those are the 3 thoughts that naturally came to mind.

So, first watch this video. (you're gonna want to stick around after the credits, trust me). Then, see below for my H, L & G!


Here are my H, L & G.

What are yours?


  • This goes without saying (but I'm gonna say it anyway): seeing old friends and making new ones.

  • Being the guests of honor during the Amish Wedding Dinner.

  • Having both sets of our parents present at uCamp for the first time ever!

  • Witnessing everyone helping each another out after a crazy storm!

  • Every conversation that we got to have "one on one" with campers.

  • Dancing during the cuckoo clock swarm.

  • Premiering our new video about the nuCamp community.

  • Listening to the live music performed by attendees.

  • Watching everyone let loose at karaoke!

  • Taking just one bite of a giant Amish Country Donut and savoring every second...


  • Not enough sleep!

  • Realizing that we completely slept through a storm while others headed for shelter (okay, this could be a grateful too).

  • Not getting to have one on one time with every single person.

  • Waiting for my food truck food. I may have been a bit "hangry". It was my own fault for not eating all day!

  • Not saying goodbye to everyone on Saturday morning because we needed a shower THAT bad!


  • Completely sleeping through a storm when everyone else headed for shelter.

  • No one was hurt and there was no significant damage from the storm.

  • For nuCamp taking the time and energy to include both us and our parents in an engagement celebration.

  • That the weather/power cleared up just in time for us to host our photo talk and walk as scheduled.

  • That the group photo went off "without a hitch".

  • For each an every friend we have made because of this community.

If you'd like to learn more about attending rallies, visit We hope to see you out there!

Love & Light,

Mandy & Kendrick


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1 comentário

Вельми дякую за таку тематику, вони наразі дуже важлива, бо новини стали дуже важливою складовою нашого життя, тому їх обговорення також не меньш важливе. Також дуже важливим є той момент, де саме ми беремо всі новини, з урахуванням цього, треба мати якісний новинний портал, котрий надасть всю необхідну та перевіренну інформацію. Я до прикладу завдяки дізнаюся про всі події та новини, що сталися у моїй країні, а також про різних діячів, таких як Дмитро Разумков, що робить цей новинний портал незамінним у наш час. Саме завдяки його роботі, я почав більш об'єктивніше оцінювати новини, та плюс окрім новин про Дмитра Разумкова, я активно слідкую за новинами закордонних країн, що надає мені змогу бути завжди в інформаційному просторі. Таким…

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