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What makes a nuCamp Family?

Stories from the teardrop camping community


After premiering this video at the annual uCamp rally, we are so excited to finally share it with all of you!

If you own a tiny trailer you've probably been sucked into the amazing community that came with it. You may have expected this or it might have been an unexpected perk, but chances are that you've made lifelong friends just because of your teardrop.

We interviewed several people from our community to get their take on it. This video might help you explain to your relatives why you go to these crazy rallies!! (or understand it yourself if you aren't yet part of it!). Take a gander at the video, and then read below to see how Mandy & Kendrick would answer the questions!


Why did you choose a nuCamp for your first trailer?

(Mandy) I knew I needed something small. Honestly, it was more a matter of not being able to buy a new car and staying within the limits of my then-current Mazda. I found the only tiny trailer dealer around, Princess Craft. They had a teal and white teardrop in their showroom - and it was love at first sight. Sometimes, you just know.

(Kendrick) I didn’t really choose a nuCamp trailer as much as I chose a girl who already had one. Either way, I made a good choice.

Why did you attend your first rally?

(Mandy) Back in 2015, living and working in Austin, I had NO camping friends. So I joined a local Facebook group and started hearing chatter about get togethers. Wanting to spend ALL my weekends camping, I decided rather spontaneously to attend... alone!

(Kendrick) Again, I was sort of dragged into the rallies by my choice in partners. Again, I made a good choice!

What was your first impression of that rally, and how did it meet your expectations?

(Mandy) I'll admit I was hesitant to attend my first rally - all alone and knowing no one. But from the very second I arrived and began setting up, new friends were already coming over to say hi and welcome me. I also admit that I noticed I was the youngest person there... but it turns out I like people my parents age more than those my own!

(Kendrick) I had no real expectations heading into my first rally. But I was overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone there towards a complete stranger like me.

Is there a particular moment or experience that stands out to you?

(Mandy) I happened to leave for my first rally the day my permanent trailer plates arrived. Still in the envelope, I thought I would just put them on when I got there. The 2015 tags used to hang down below the bumper, which I didn't like. I remember meeting John Miller for the first time, when he went out of his way to help a new, hesitant girl install her plates properly one the back of her trailer. We are friends to this day!

(Kendrick) Basically, any time things go wrong (especially with bad weather). It’s amazing how the community always comes together to help those in need after bad things happen. Funny how the worst of weather tends thing bring out the best in people.

When you bought your camper, did you have any idea about the community/family that would come with it?

(Mandy) Oh my goodness, no! I genuinely thought that this camper would simply be a tool for me to travel the country to teach photography workshops (which we still do). I had absolutely no idea what the RV world would bring to my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

(Kendrick) I didn’t buy the first camper and had no idea what I was getting into when I started dating Mandy. Now, I can’t imagine not being a part of the nuCamp family.

What piece of advice would you give a new nuCamp owner?

(Mandy) Two parts: first, expect the worst! If you expect something to go wrong, then you are way less disappointed when it actually happens. Second, learn from every mistake. When something does go wrong, learn from it and make sure that is the one and only time it ever happens!

(Kendrick) Do some homework. Camping is a lot easier if you do some research before heading out in your new camper. Watch videos, read instruction manuals, learn how to do things. This way you’ll be as prepared as possible for most scenarios. There’s always surprises, but don’t let them ruin your happy camper attitude!

If you'd like to learn more about attending rallies, visit We hope to see you out there!

Love & Light,

Mandy & Kendrick


Amanda Ball

Victoria Basnett

Ginger & Chris Butcher

Jim Cenname

Tom & Kat Chappelle

Sandy & Chris Clous

Eric & Kim Edwin

Amanda Evans

Lu Frederick

Patty Gilham

Mike & Pam Heward

Brett & Jan Honeycutt

Kathleen & Mike Jaroszewski

Leonard Kiel

Daphne & Mark Knochel

DL Mac

David Merzbacher

Suzy Mitchell

Lisa Morales

Rob O'Briant

Al & Jane Parra

Angie Pylant

Fran Rorie

Karen & Steve Thole

Annette Wandler

Ann Wurden

Tricia Zeigler

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