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How to pee outdoors... Part 2!

Due to the overwhelming response we received from our first "how to pee outdoors" video (honestly, not sure if this was surprising or not) I've been keeping a list of all of the additional tips that have come into my mind as I've been gently relieving myself outdoors. Finally, I amassed a list that must be shared with my fellow ladies!

In this video, you will find a few of the items that have become absolutely essential to my bladder's life on the road, along with some tips on how to use them. Below the video is a recap of the tips, accessories, and our affiliate links to these items.

*Disclaimer: Yes, this video is mostly geared toward women, however all are welcome to watch. Maybe the men will learn something to help out their other half! Not responsible for spilled or splatter pee.


My bladder's favorite new accessories:

These pants will blow your mind when you can freely pee without pulling down your pants! While many styles are available, here are my favorite 3:

This magical piece of fabric will solve so many problems when out hiking. No more soggy toilet paper being stuffed into a trash bag! Also great for around camp.

For those times where digging a hole isn't an option, a wag bag is surprisingly simple and easy to use! Here are our favorites:
  • Reststop 2: The simple bag filled with a gel solidifying compound.

  • Travel John: A wag bag but with a fancy funnel top!

  • Travel Jane: A ping bag so you can pee in style!

Travel Toilets

A book once told me never to travel without a towel. I say, never travel without your trusty toilet! We have two favorites that each shine for different occasions:

  • Thunderbox: A solid, sleek, and sturdy toilet best for car/RV camping.

  • Instaprivy: A smaller, light-weight stool in a convenient travel case.

I've been a long-time user of the FUD, and hopefully you enjoyed my tips for making the most of yours! Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Go Girl: My personal favorite reusable FUD.

  • Pee Pocket: A disposable FUD option.

  • Pee Buddy: Another disposable option.

  • Road Trip Potty: A device built for going in the car, but could just as easily work in an RV!

Tips for becoming a pro FUD user!

  • Keep a wide stance

  • Control the speed you pee

  • Practice at home before you go

  • Peeing in a bottle: Make sure you have plenty of room

  • Peeing in a bottle: Do not create an airtight seal between the FUD and bottle

Period Proof Underwear
I know, it sounds weird... and even kinda gross. But this is the best thing since sliced bread! Okay, the best thing since tampons. After trying several brands, here are my favorites in order:

Not gonna lie, I randomly found this company online and have been obsessed with them for over a year. Mainly, I like to buy fun underwear for Kendrick (which he loves). But also, they have cool stuff for girls too.


Remember, always have confidence to get out and go... and be able to "go"!

Love & Light,

Mandy & Kendrick

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