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How to Pee (and poop) Outdoors: For the Ladies

Alright Ladies, this one’s for you!! I know that peeing outside is supposed to be common knowledge… but yet there are still many women out there who struggle with it! Well – consider this your all-inclusive guide to “doing your business” outdoors. Here, I give you tips on finding your spot, how to squat, how to clean, dealing with your period, and finally – some very helpful products. First, enjoy the video – then find links below!

Watch the Video Now!

Tips to pee (or poop) Outdoors


  1. Follow Leave No Trace principals, and always go at least 200 feet from any trail, camp, or water source.

  2. Find the most level, sturdy ground you can.

  3. Minimize the amount of vegetation you will urinate on.

  4. Face downhill or downslope.

  5. Keep your back to the wind!

  6. Space out your cat-holes if frequenting an area.


The Full Squat:

  1. Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

  2. Keep your feet flat and steady.

  3. Pull pants just below your knees (but not too low)

  4. Hold the ankles and/or crotch of your pants out of the way.

  5. Squat as low as comfortably possible.

The Half Squat:

  1. This method is easier on your knee/hip joints… but can be tougher on your quad muscles!

  2. Commit to the pee! Give your urine stream some force to keep it from dribbling down your legs.

  3. Pee fast… the faster you finish, the faster you can stand back up!

The Assisted Squat:

  1. Try carrying a rope or bungee cord with you. You can wrap it around the bottom of a tree and use it to brace yourself.

  2. You can also use a tree to lean your back against as you are in a seated position.

  3. Finally, you can enlist the help of a good friend or spouse to help hold you in position.

  4. See video for demonstration…

Keeping it Clean:

  1. First, zip lock bags are going to be your best friend.

  2. Always carry one back with cleaning supplies, and one empty bag to pack out your dirty supplies.

  3. The things I pack my clean bag with are: toilet paper, individual kleenex packs, wet wipes, tampons/pads, and hand sanitizer.

Useful Products:

Use this link, with the coupon code “MANDY” to save 10%!

Head over to this link to grab your very own Thunderbox!

Get out there. Stay Safe. Be Responsible. Happy Peeing!! Mandy Lea

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