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Why Choose Us?

We know there are A LOT of options out there! 

To avoid any buyer's remorse, here's why we're awesome.

Photography Workshops

Two for One!

With both Mandy and Kendrick leading each workshop, we have a very beneficial instructor-to-client ratio. You know there will be plenty of one-on-one time for specific help with exactly what you want to work on and improve.

It's all about YOU!

We've scouted each location extensively and multiple times. This means, we won't be focused on getting any images for ourselves. It's all about YOU getting the shot!

We Camp!

While you certainly don't have to camp at our workshops, it is a nice (and more affordable) alternative to paying for a hotel. We are also happy to share our camping knowledge anytime you want to pick our brains!

We Cook!

We promise this is a good thing! We like to begin each workshop with a campfire cooked meal. It's a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get to know one another.

Backpacking Trips

Know your Guides

With all our trips you will always know who your guides are—Kendrick and Mandy. That’s it! We’ll be the ones directly communicating with every client in the months leading up to your trip and you won’t have any surprises when you arrive at Grand Canyon about who your guides are!

We set up Camp

If you just want to show up and enjoy the Canyon without the fuss of setting up and taking down camp, then don’t worry. We’ll do all the work for you! If interested, we’ll also take the time to teach you the in’s-and-out’s of setting up and taking down camp!

Guide-to-Client Ratio

All of our trips have two guides regardless of number of clients. Most companies will have 5-clients-to-1-guide to maximize profit. We have 4-clients-to-2-guides most of our trips to maximize your experience! We may have a few more clients depending on the permit we get.

We bring the Booze!

For clients who enjoy a drink, there are few places more memorable to have a celebratory toast than below the rim of the Grand Canyon! So, we’ll carry a few beers, some wine, or maybe even some bourbon down with us. Cheers!

We carry your stuff

You read that right. For a small fee, we’ll carry your camping gear! We can almost guarantee that you won’t find any other guiding company out there offering this service! Sometimes this service can make all the difference for someone being able to do one of our guided backpacking trips.

We Jump in!

Well, at least Kendrick will! Jumping in the frigid Colorado River will take your breath away, but the memory will last a lifetime!

Advanced Prep

We’ll work individually with each client in advance of your trip to ensure proper training, packing, planning, etc.

What an AMAZING time with a group of wonderful people! Mandy and Kendrick had everything under control and planned well. From the trip down, to the rest stops for pics, to exploring of the bottom of the canyon, to dinners and desserts and the trip up as well.

Leonore L.

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