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After a 17-year career working in photography stores, photographer Mandy Lea realized that her wanderlust had become overwhelming―so she left her secure job, hit the road out with her teardrop camper (now her full-time home), and set out to pursue freelance photography and maybe learn a thing or two about life. In this book, she takes you behind the scenes on some of her travels around the United States and shows how simplifying your life and redefining your definition of success can open the door to new worlds of beauty and awe. From towering peaks to delicate streams and wildflowers, Lea’s images will pique your desire for adventure and your appreciation for the incredible splendors of the natural world―which are ready and waiting for all of us to discover and enjoy!


Mandy Lea travels the country in her teardrop trailer, photographing all she sees. She’s spoken to large audiences all over the country, standing room only at a photography conference at the Javits in New York City, as well as Las Vegas, Nashville, and more!

Teardrop Traveler Book

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