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T@G & T@B Trailers: 2018 model tours

As you all know, I spent the best year of my life living in a tiny T@G teardrop trailer. When the time came to move on, I took Phoenix back home to the nüCamp factory in Sugarcreek, OH and picked up my new Outback T@B, Rocky.

While I was visiting, nüCamp was kind enough to give me free reign on their newest 2018 models so I could share with all of you. Join me as I walk through a 2018 Outback T@G Teardrop, my own personal Outback T@B Trailer, and even their newest and largest trailer, the T@B 400.

While the majority of people will buy these for recreation, I do hope you will see the beauty and freedom of the possibilities of living a more simple life. Love & Light.

2018 T@G Outback Teardrop

2018 T@B Outback Trailer

2018 T@B 400 Trailer

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