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Upgrade to Lithium Batteries in your RV!

Upgrading to lithium batteries is a project we've talked about for years, but never gotten around to because it seemed too complicated. Finally, after meeting the folks from Lion Energy we learned that just maybe it wouldn't be that difficult after all. So, we took the plunge and decided to replace our two 6-volt AGM batteries connected in series with two 12-volt Lithium batteries connected in parallel!

*Disclaimer: This is the process that we went through changing out our AGM batteries in our nuCamp TAB 400 to Lithium. The general idea of the switch out will translate to other RV models and brands, but we do not accept any responsibility for damages, miscalculations, or spilled beer.


Watch the video:

Tools needed:

10 Steps to our Battery Upgrade:

Step 1: Disconnect the battery

Find the battery disconnect on your camper. Switch this to the position where your battery is disconnected.

Step 2: Locate/Access your current batteries

Depending on the year/model/manufacturer of your camper, your battery may be located in various places. We show you how to locate the batteries in a nuCamp RV 2020 TAB 400.

Step 3: Remove fuses from battery charger and solar charge controller (if you have one)

Avoid some potentially "shocking" surprises by removing the fuses from your battery charger and solar charge controller before beginning.

Step 4: Disconnect wires from existing batteries and remove

Fairly self-explanatory: you have to remove the wires before removing the batteries! We also had to unscrew a few extra screws to physically remove the batteries. This will vary by model.

Step 5: Insert new batteries

Our new lithium batteries were smaller and lighter weight (about a third of the weight of our original batteries!). So, they were easy to insert into place.

Step 6: Wire new batteries in parallel

This is the most important step. Use the battery connect wires suggested above to make the change in the photo below. This will create a 12-volt system.

Step 7: Insert fuses back into battery charger and solar charge controller

Time to get things working again! Put the fuses back into the battery charger and solar charge controller where you had previously removed them.

Step 8: Turn on batteries

We're ready to go so hit that power button to power up!

Step 9: Reconnect battery disconnect

Turn the battery disconnect switch back to allow power to your battery.

Step 10: Adjust software settings in the solar charge controller app

In our case with the nuCamp TAB 400, we use the VictronConnect App to control our solar charge controller settings. There are a few updates you will need to make - watch the video for our settings.


We hope this has been a helpful resource for you. Perhaps it gave you confidence that if even people like us can replace our batteries, maybe you can too!

Love & Light,

Mandy & Kendrick

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