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33 Quick Tips for your T@G or T@B

33 Quick Tips Video & Links

It’s been over a year since we’ve been able to bring you our favorite type of video… a bunch of YOUR great ideas!! So to make it up, here are 33 quick tips for your T@G or T@B teardrop trailer in less than 15 minutes!! Get ready, because that’s a lot of info — FAST.

A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in this episode.

Amazon Associate Links to items (thank you for using!):

#1: Perfect fit baskets

What a genius idea to take a store bought item and make it fit perfectly into our crazy shaped campers! A great way to stay organized.

#2: Bottle Openers

So simple yet useful!! Make sure you attach it to a strong/reinforced part of your camper, and not directly to the outer wall. Also, its a great chance to customize! Here are some of my favorites:

#3: Protective kitchen tile for T@G

I remember when I had my T@G I really beat the ceiling up! I wish I had thought of this then. There are many colors to fit your style!

#4: Additional cabinets with heat re-direct

This one takes a little handy-work, but so worth the effort! To order the doors, contact nuCamp here. Here is the type of plastic used in the video:

#5: Legless bed extension

There have been so many solutions to creating single beds in the T@B 320, and here is another great idea, but this time with no legs to stub your toe on!

#6: Headboard bed extension

I can’t say that I’ve ever had this problem, but I know so many people do! This is is a great solution for you 6-footers out there!

#7: Strapless bed slats

If you’re like this guy and get tangled up in the straps on those bed slats, this is a great solution to removing the straps and keeping the slats in place.

#8: Additional upper cabinets

Another mod that requires some dirty work, but awesome! To order the cabinet doors, contact nuCamp here.

#9: Secure hanging rod

Curtain rods have been used in many ways in these little trailers, but this is the best implementation! Using a painter’s rod instead of a curtain rod is much sturdier, plus check out those cool brackets he made!

#10: Custom trash & magazine rack

A little ingenuity goes a long way! If you’ve got a model without a bathroom, this is a great use for that extra space.

#11: Refrigerator vent re-direct

For those of you with a clamshell, this is a very simple mod to increase the efficiency of your fridge. Just be careful cutting into the outside wall of your camper!

#12: Vinyl stick-on wallpaper

A very simple way to add a lot of character to your little home! Here is a list of many different options. Here’s a really neat natural look too!

#13: Updated speakers & lights

This is such a cool update that ANYONE can do. It’s both useful and it looks pretty sleek!

#14: New Flooring

Another super easy mod that anyone can do! Don’t be afraid! Here is a list of many great options. I like this one that is both natural and modern!

#15: Exterior hardware painting

What a difference this small change makes in the look of your camper. Be sure to use a paint like this that is heat resistant and will stick to your plastic hardware!

#16: Paracord handle grip

Another mod that is both useful and look cool!! Go crazy, wrap all the things!

#17: Corrugated metal backsplash

I’ve only ever seen one camper with this idea, and it looked WONDERFUL! I imagine more people will be using this great idea…

#18: New sink-less countertop

Personally, I use my sink and stove all the time! But, if you are like Cathy and never use yours, why not make it into extra counter space!?

#19: Under-sink drawers & shelves

There is so much potential for customizing the cabinets under your sink, and using these wire cubes is a great tip!

#20: Inside door pull

This simple mod will change your life! You’ll use it every time you close your door! Here is a hook that has only one screw hole, so you can easily add it to your handle.

#21: Suction cup door holder

Don’t like to put holes in your camper? Neither do we. Now, you don’t have to!

#22: Strip lighting

Get in the mood with mood lighting!!

#23: Magnetic privacy shades with ventilation

A great solution to having both privacy and ventilation in your camper. Try out these rare earth magnets for quick installation!

#24: Magnetic AC vent cover

Use the same rare earth magnets above to create a strong cover for your A/C vent that you can drive with! Using that magnets makes it quick to remove when you are ready to use your A/C.

#25: Custom wood storage items

#26: Dimmable touch lighting

This is a great light! I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but here is a link to the same light on another website.

#27: Motion sensor lighting

No more fumbling around for light switches in the middle of the night!! Why did I think of this?

#28: Dimmable chandelier

Add a little romantic flare in your home on wheels!

#29: Large diamond plate storage box

There are many options out there, but this is the toolbox that we had on our T@B 320 for years and it fit perfect!

#30: Full size bed with table

I adore this unique mod! For those of you who don’t want two singles, but still want a full-time table and bed, check this out!

#31: Heating optimization

Here is a 5-minute (affordable) solution to greatly increasing the efficiency of your Alde heater. Everyone should do this!

#32: Toilet flush regulator

What a great solution to controlling the flush of your toilet! I love that you can use less water while boondocking!

#33: Custom cushion covers

Get out your needle and thread (or enlist your most creative friend) to make your camper your own with custom cushion covers!

Love & Light! Cheers!! Mandy & Kendrick

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