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Winter Camping: Keep Cozy in your Teardrop

People often ask which is my favorite season. “It’s not one of the four, but rather the changing that I love” I reply. Surely I would tire of any one season after too many months, so why would I migrate to create an endless summer? No, give me winter, give me peaceful snowfall!


Not only do I adore some of the winter imagery I captured this season, but I also loved the process of capturing them. Winter camping can be harsh. Things freeze that you never thought would freeze. You’re held captive to your shelter. You’re a constant slave to the chill in the air. And your nose is a never ending faucet of snot. But the moment you stop and look around, in a field of freshly fallen snow, a silence so deep you can hear the snowflakes hit the ground. Then you smile because you know it was worth the trouble.

But warmth is something we can’t deny ourselves, even if we’ve committed to the most simplest of lives. Watch my most recent video blog to see what I’ve been up to in the snow, and how Phoenix manages to keep me warm!

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