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Viewer Q&A: Cooking, Photography & Tires

We’re at it again, answering more viewer questions on our YouTube channel! We think the best way to enjoy our answers are to watch the video first, and then follow up with the links below. Enjoy!

Question #1: Who does most of the cooking in your T@B? And what are your favorite go-to appliances?

As Kendrick explains in the video – he cooks more often, but we both know our way around a kitchen! Here are links to the two favorite accessories we talk about:

  1. #1: Planetary Design French Press: This french press comes in 2 sizes (32oz and 48oz), but we prefer the larger one so we can have several cups each!

  2. #2: Lodge cast-iron Skillet and Dutch Oven: We have two favorite skillets – one with a flat bottom, and one with grill lines. We also carry a mini dutch oven, it may be small but it is mighty!

cooking blog

Question #2: In your mind, when did you stop being a “snap-shot” taker, and become a “professional photographer”?

This question is best answered by watching the video. No links needed, just my own opinion! But to sum it up, my transition happened over a number of years. It was marked by two major moments: first, when I began booking jobs outside of the camera store. And two, when I was finally able to stop doing free work, and start making a living out of my talent.


Question #3: What kind of tire maintenance is recommended for trailers and RV’s?

For this answer, we jumped over to the experts at Princess Craft RV in Austin, TX. They deal with this day in and day out, and so they had some great answers! Check out what they have to say in the video!


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