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Viewer Q&A: Bears, Editing & Things you need!

We’re at it again, answering more viewer questions on our YouTube channel! We think the best way to enjoy our answers are to watch the video first, and then follow up with the links below. Enjoy!

Question #1: Since you often camp in bear country, have you ever had any encounters at your campsite? And what precautions do you take for safety?

Kendrick does a pretty great job of talking about his past experience and what we do now to stave away the wild bears in the video! 

  1. Keep campsite clean

  2. Lock up all trash and recycle

  3. Close shades and windows

  4. Keep food stored out of sight

  5. Cover coolers


Question #2: What editing program do you use for photography?

Watch the video as I describe my editing process. Beginning in Adobe Lightroom, taking my image into Adobe Photoshop, and finally using my favorite plugin Nik Software.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.39.27 PM

Question #3: What are some of the additional items you need when purchasing a new RV that you might not think about?

For this answer, we jumped over to the experts at Princess Craft RV in Austin, TX. They deal with this day in and day out, and so they had some great answers!


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Andy Moon
Andy Moon
Mar 08

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