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Two Go Tiny: Teardropping meets Truck Dwelling

The most difficult challenge of living on the road is by far that of loneliness. Whether you are traveling with a companion or ultimately alone, we all fight this. I’ve spoken in detail regarding the journey of finding peace and contentment within myself – a journey that I did not always enjoy, but always appreciated.

Often times, it is when we finally reach this point of peace and stop seeking more, that we find the unexpected – or perhaps the unexpected finds us.

Meet the unexpected. His name is Kendrick. While life is always uncertain, scary, and quite plain difficult at times… it is also very short. So short in fact, that there is no time for doubt and regret. And that’s almost exactly the line of reasoning I used to convince Kendrick to quit his job, leave town, and move in to my (very tiny) tiny house! Did I mention it’s tiny!?


Imagine squishing together the life and belongings of a full-time tear-dropping photographer, and a truck-dwelling dirtbag climber. Yep, seemed pretty impossible to me too!

But after a few tears and some healthy negotiation, we both learned that as long as we have adventure, we can live with a lot less stuff. I hope this video of our story helps you find peace and encouragement in downsizing and simplifying your life.


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