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The Cirrus 620: nüCamp’s Half-Ton Truck Camper

The Cirrus 620: nüCamp’s Half-Ton Truck Camper

A few years ago nüCamp RV made their first attempt at a half-ton truck camper with the release of their Cirrus 670 prototype at the 2019 Florida RV Supershow. The 670 ended up being a little heavy for most half-ton trucks on the market. So, nüCamp went back to the drawing board and released its new-and-improved half-ton truck camper—the Cirrus 620! This truck camper weighs in at 1491 pounds making it lightweight enough for a decent amount of half-ton trucks on the market. 

The Cirrus 620 has been available for a little while now, but due to COVID travel restrictions and event cancellations I just got my first look at the 2021 Florida RV Supershow. This lightweight camper is fully hard-sided with no slide outs or pop-tops, which makes it even more impressive. As expected, the Cirrus 620 features the same quality build that people have come to expect in any nüCamp product. 


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