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Scorpions and Spiders and Cougars, Oh My!

More and more I have been receiving the advice “Be careful, Mandy!”. While I understand this comes from a place of caring, I have only this to say: I will be mostly careful.


The Jeep and I stopping for a selfie with the Sun after filming the Vlog!

I have no death wish, yet I understand that adventure, and ultimate success, comes from taking risks. So I aim to take many risks. Many, many appropriate risks.

Such risks often include solo hikes. A necessity for a photographer traveling alone, wishing to reach the magical places. Last night was no exception. While I ran into a few more risks than usual, I ended up with 3 images that I’m very happy with, and 1 lesson that I will never have to learn again. I don’t regret it for a minute.

The story is 8 minutes long… but I promise it’s entertaining. Enjoy….

Video Blog #7: Scorpions and Spiders and Cougars, Oh My!

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with 3 Legged Thing | Hoodman | Schneider Optics | Nikon | Nik Software | Inda Eaton


My favorite capture on the trail down to the Window. Mandy Lea Photo


The ultimate view from the end of the Windows trail. Mandy Lea Photo


A final stop before returning to the car, to capture lightning alongside the milky way.                     Mandy Lea Photo.

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