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Home is where you park it: How I became a Nomad

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Home is where you park it. No truer statement could be said for a nomad – something I am proud to call myself. I cannot deny, however, that it was not the easiest leap of faith to make, and it is a decision that many eager spirits struggle to make.

On this day, the one year anniversary of a turning point in my life, I share the thoughts that led me to lead this life. Without a doubt it has been a year full of silver linings. I am grateful for all of those in my life – both the ones I know dearly and the strangers I’ve just met – for without your support, I would not have found the bravery I so needed.

This is perhaps the most difficult video I have made to date. By the end, you will understand that it is not the material of the roof over our head, but rather the lives we lead that define our home.

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