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Deconstructing the Year Beard

by Kendrick Callaway

It’s amazing what can push a man over the edge—you know, make him snap. I remember Halloween of 2018 quite vividly. I’m not exactly the kind of guy who enjoys celebrating the holiday, but Mandy insisted and I gave in. In a last minute effort to come up with costumes she decided it would be funny to dress as each other and allow our photo workshop group to witness the humiliation. 

As punishment, it only seemed fitting that I commit to not shaving again until at least Halloween of 2019. A year is a long time to grow I beard. I know, I’ve done it before. Somewhere around the 6-8 month mark it starts to get a little out of hand and the temptation to shave it all off is there on a daily basis. If there’s one thing extreme endurance sports have taught me it’s how to be patient and see things through to the end.

So, here we are one-year-and-one-day later… Fitting I guess, since November 1st marks the beginning of “No Shave November.” I finally decided to relent and let Mandy see my pretty face again. Of course, I can never just shave off my beard in a normal manner. I always have a little fun with it and try out different looks. I simply must know if huge chops, a long goatee, a soul patch, or even a pencil mustache looks good on me. This time, I decided to let Mandy have all the fun and choose her own adventure as she deconstructed my “Yeard” to reveal my baby face once again.

Watch the video and decide which look you like better…

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