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Camp with your Dog! Tips, Tricks & Accessories!

While we don’t have a pup of our own, we sure do love dogs and take every opportunity we can to play with the ones we come across! That’s why we realized a great topic would be tips and tricks for camping with your dog! At our most recent trailer rally, T@bazona, we asked dog owners what they would suggest, and here were their answers:

Watch the video:

#1: Hook for Leash

Amelia and Mercy showed off a great idea for putting a simple eye hook in the frame of your camper. If you don’t want to do this, there are these great hooks that screw into the ground too!

#2: Dog Towel

Crystal and Kobe know that a clean home is a happy home! And that means having the best darn dog towel around, like this popular micro-fiber choice for many pup parents!

#3: 25 foot Lead Leash

Bill and Lucy know that giving your dog some freedom to roam is the key to happiness! Try this popular 25 ft. leash that comes in different weights depending on the size of your pup!

#4: Outdoor Bed

Dana knows how to keep Flynn comfy with his outdoor bed, sweater, and blanket. All essential items for a happy pup on the road!

#5: Dog Treats

Kris keeps Jack entertained during the whole camping trip with special treats. These are some great organic treats if you think it will help control your doggie on those long trips!

#6: Pet Cot

Richie & Nikki hit the jackpot with this Pet Cot. Keeps the dog off the ground, off the dirt, and out of the nasty little buggers!

#7: Tick & Flea Medicine

Richie & Nikki also know that to keep Satchmo happy, he needs to be tick and flea free! In addition to your normal vet routine, try adding in a fast acting flea medicine before you go on a grand adventure!

#8: Portable Camping Pet Fence

Vikki hates to leash up her pups Lucy, Austin & Charlie… and so she found the perfect solution: a portable pet fence! It is easy to transport, versatile, and gives her dogs a place to play!

#9: Chuck-It Dog Throw

Amanda makes Harley happy on every camping trip with her Chuck-it Dog Throw! Never make your dog sleep on the ground, but keep it easy to clean for you!

#10: Dog Medical Care Kit

Lucy’s mom always has the essentials on hand! Buy an entire dog care kit, or just the basics like ear treatment, wound and skin care, pain and joint relief, anti-diarrhea meds, and a flea comb.




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