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Camp Coffee: for your trailer, RV, hiking or home

Camp Coffee

We know there are a million ways to make coffee when you’re out camping. Heck, choosing your favorite method to brew is about as personal as picking your favorite radio station! After 5 years on the road, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites in this video.

Because of our life on the road we value simplicity, practicality, and ease of use. We hope this will help you get your cup o’ joe on the road too!

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of coffee brewing methods that we did not mention. One of the main reasons we have chosen these as our favorites is because they don’t require electricity. While we sometimes get to plug in, we won’t leave our caffeine intake to chance that we have electricity! Below are our hard and fast methods to always waking up with coffee, whether we are in the camper or on the trail!

These containers come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. All by Planetary Design, choose your favorite size and style! They come with an inner-lid that will keep the air out no matter what level you have it filled at.

Always have fresh ground coffee whether you have power or not! You can always rely on the power of your hands!

We like good coffee, and we like a lot of it! So the 48 oz insulated press is perfect for the two of us. Of course, it comes in smaller sizes too.

Very similar to the way a percolator works, but more awesome! For a nice strong cup o’ joe – or even something close to an Americano, this is how Kendrick likes to treat himself!

On the mornings that we know we’ve got a long drive ahead, this is our best friend! We make our own coffee and don’t have to worry about dirty gas stations. Plus, I get to bug Kendrick for lots of potty breaks!

A personal french press in a mug!! Press it down, then drink it down! No mess, no fuss. Perfect for the car. I’ve even used this for loose leaf tea!

Similar to the Steeltoe – but bigger! It also has a special screw-off bottom to help with cleaning and tossing those old grounds!

One necessity we all need for coffee, is hot water! We love the Jetboil because we can take it anywhere – whether it is a long backpacking trip or just sitting outside on the patio. It comes in a big Sumo size or smaller MicroMo.

The smallest and most affordable accessory that will change your world! This is perfect for a day hike or overnight trip. This lightweight accessory will provide you with hot, fresh coffee!

Because you should never have to settle for bad coffee! Even when you need to keep your gear lightweight, this pour over is the perfect tiny invention for coffee on the trail!

This is the perfect companion to the GSI pour over. A lightweight and durable mug with measurement lines, and a lid to boot!

The perfect air-tight container for a short trip on the trail. Take just enough and don’t over pack!

Love, Light, & Caffeination!! Mandy & Kendrick
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