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Alaska to Mexico Recap Video

One year ago, at the

2nd annual üCamp rally in Ohio, we announced the beginning of an amazing journey! Our goal was to take our T@B Boondock trailer (named Rocky) made by nüCamp from the northernmost point you can drive in continental North America, Prudhoe Bay Alaska, all the way to the southernmost point in Mexico at the Guatemala border! This announcement stirred up quite a few reactions from our followers. Most people wished us happy adventures, while several people warned of our certain demise should we drive into Mexico.

We’ve always believed in traveling with a purpose and this project was no different. As we made our way through North America, we hoped to accomplish several things. First, we wanted to open people’s eyes to all of the possibilities that present themselves when traveling in a tiny camper like our T@B, Rocky. Our second goal was to show people all of the amazing things right in our own backyard. There are several lifetimes worth of things to see, do, and experience right here in North America.

On a deeper level, we hoped to show that it’s OK to get out of your comfort zone both in travel and in life. Initially, Mexico was a little intimidating. It’s hard to ignore all of the negative news you hear, but sometimes fortune really does favor the bold! Lastly, life is short! If there’s nothing holding you back then why keep putting off the chance to explore new places and make lifelong memories?

During our journey we put together 22 episodes documenting our adventures. We know that not everyone has the time (or patience!) for that, so we recently picked out our favorite images and video highlights to create one 20-minute recap video. We think it’s pretty fun and hope you enjoy it too!


Extra content now available on our Patreon page!

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