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A Day in the Life #3: Weekend Warrior Edition!

This is now the third installment of our “Day in the Life” series, where we film everything we do all day so that we can bring you with us! It’s had a surprisingly positive response – which no doubt has to do with our current pandemic and the associated “cabin fever” that has come along with it.

I have to be honest, these videos are not worth my time – monetarily speaking, that is. The hours I put into filming and editing in comparison to income… well, let’s just say it’s a laughable number. Luckily, that’s not why I do it. And here’s another big confession: I’m selfish. I really make these videos for “future Mandy” to look back on (hopefully) many years down the road.

However, if I can vicariously share adventures with those who are currently unable to adventure; those who are sick, old, or simply stuck in a life that doesn’t allow the freedom to travel – well then that is reason enough for me to stay up all night. If I can bring a smile to even one person, that’s all I need.

Enjoy this adventure video – and find further links below if you like! Cheers!

Links & Resources

Image available in Mandy’s Online Gallery

Ben Clark

In this episode, I brag a lot about our friends Ben & Mary Anne… well, that’s because they deserve it! Be warned though, you’ll get sucked down a rabbit hole once you start watching his videos!

Via Ferrata Hikes

There are many “Via Ferrata” trails around the world, and I recommend exploring as many as possible! Here are links to our two favorite’s in Colorado.

Gear needed for a via Ferrata

Please hike responsibly and know your own limits! Via Ferrata trails often include advanced moves. If not hiring a guide, make sure to come prepared with the proper gear.

Camera Gear used in filming/photos

I am always asked what gear I used for my photography and videos – so I like to include a list in my blogs of what I used that week.

Locations Visited

Please be responsible while traveling. Tourism is not dead, but it has taken on a new face – literally! Here are some of our favorite towns and bars that are open and operating (with masks).

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