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25 Great Mods for your T@G, T@B 320 & 400

We recently attended the 3rd annual üCamp Trailer Rally hosted by nüCamp. I realized that this is one of the few opportunities where A LOT of great minds come together at once, and so I took the opportunity to grab a ton of great ideas in a short amount of time.

So, if you have 14 minutes to spare, you can get 25 great ideas for ways to improve your tiny home. Watch the video first, and then please find links to all of the mods below. By shopping through our Amazon links you help support us on the road <3

You can also shop at our Amazon store here.

25 Modifications: Information and Links: (please support us through our Amazon Links!)

#1: Closet Shelves (T@B 400)

If you have the T@B 400 with the smaller fridge and large closet, this is a great solution to optimizing that storage space. If you don’t want to build your own shelves, try these.

If you’d like a different sized table, or simply one with a different look, try a nice piece of natural wood and easily use the same table mount on your new piece of wood.

Here is a great decorative idea that also hides small valuables such as jewelry or money. Just buy a cool 3-D decoration such as this, and use 3M velcro to adhere.

#4: Walking Stick Handle (T@B 320 & 400)

Don’t break the plastic frame of your sliding screen door! Use a decorative walking stick and screw it into the real wood in your T@B for maximum stability.

#5: Clothes Hangar (T@B 320)

You’ve got style and you want to show it off! Try hanging a clothes line in the open space of your T@B for easy to access clothes! This retractable one is also really cool!

#6: Under Cabinet Storage (All Models)

Here is a great idea for extra storage – while it is meant for Keurig cups, you can use this handy under cabinet storage for anything!

#7: Back-up Camera (All models)

There are many back-up camera options available for any model of nüCamp trailer. Here is one that we recommend!

Don’t store your dirty sewer hose in your main tub! Yuck! Try this option for installing a compartment right into your T@B frame.

#9: Diamond Plate Tongue Boxes (T@B 320 & 400 Boondocks)

These boxes are the perfect solution to add to your Boondock platform – offering extra, light-weight storage that also matches your off-road aesthetic!

For 2 years we used this LUND Toolbox on our 320 Boondock, Rocky, but it works great on every model. It is a good way to have additional secure storage.

#11: Instant Hot Water (All models)

If you have an older model without hot water, or if you simply want another instant hot water tap, this is a great solution!

#12: Kitchen Drawers & Organization (T@G)

We all know that the space under the T@G sink/stove could be utilized much better. Try adding drawers and collapsible cookware to your tiny home!

#13: Meme’s Wing Walls (T@G & T@B Clamshell)

Meme has quickly become the go-to source for wing-walls. The fabric that allows you to freely cook in your T@G or T@B Clamshell even in wind. Plus, they are super pretty!

#14: Twin Bed Setup (T@B 320)

Many people prefer to have two permanent twin beds instead of a double bed that you have to set up each night. Try building a couple of benches and using a foam topper.

This cooling bed topper is a great solution to easily roll up and use as the back of your couch during the day, and as your bed at night.

#16: Additional Headboard Cabinets (T@B 320)

There is a lot of great space at the headboard of your T@B, and if you have some extra wood and a drill, you can make additional cabinets and even additional outlets.

#17: Foam “Bed Bridge” (All models)

Sinking into the cracks between mattresses is an age old plague… but no more! Try these foam bridges that are meant to fill that annoying gap!

There is a lot more usable space in the T@G than most people imagine! You can build a drawer or even buy a desk drawer to fit under your A/C unit in your T@G!

In the video we featured a great homemade shelf on chains. If you want something you can easily buy, try these!

We all get a great Fantastic Fan with our T@G and T@B, but did you now there is an even more awesome one!? Try installing this upgrade for more speeds and remote control.

#21: Maxxair Vent Cover (All models)

If you’re forgetful like me, the Maxxair vent cover is a great idea to protect you from those times you forget to close the vent when you’re driving or when it rains!

#22: Rear Hitch Mounts (T@B 320 Clamshell)

If you have a T@B Clamshell version (outdoor kitchen), you have the added benefit of a straight tail-end, which will allow you to add a rear hitch receiver.

If you have the T@B 400 with the smaller fridge and large closet, this is a great solution to optimizing that storage space.

#24: Seat Cushion Storage (T@B 400)

We all love the extra sleeping space in our T@B 400, but where in the world do you keep that extra cushion! Try these 3M command hooks and bungee straps!

#25: Outdoor Stove Modifications (T@G & T@B Clamshell)

Outdoor cooking is fun, but the wind is our stove’s worst enemy. Here is a nice way to block the wind, and even a solution for more counter space!


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