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10 More Tiny Trailer Mods

Whether you have a T@B, T@G, or really any RV at all, this video is likely to spark your creative inspiration for remodeling! We recently attended the annual Texas Tiny Trailer Rally hosted by Princess Craft. It was a weekend surrounded by amazingly talented and ingenious campers who were happy to allow me to share their creative ideas! Enjoy the video showcasing their creative modifications, and find out more at the links below. Shopping through our Amazon links even helps support us on the road!

Watch the video now!

#1 Table with bed in T@B Here is a really quick simple fix that will make a HUGE difference! This suggestion by Todd and Theresa is a great way to enjoy lounging in your T@B while still having a table for your popcorn and soda!

#2 Privacy Curtain This suggestion by Colette is a great way to share your T@B experience with a friend. Add privacy with a simple curtain rod and keep is secure with 3M removable tape to keep it from slipping!

#3 Under Seat Drawers If you are handy with a few tools, this is the mod for you! Make the space underneath your seat more accessible by creating drawers rather than having to lift up your bench, just like Barbara!

#4 T@B CS Seats to U-Shape The T@B CS model comes with a 2-bench seating floor plan, but you can make it whatever you want! Here is a great solution for making your CS into a U-shaped seating area.

#5 Easy Drill-Free Shelves Whether you need a CPAP while you sleep or simply a place to set your favorite book, here is an easy solution to make a drill-free shelf. Check out these 3M hooks and Velcro for your project.

#6 License Plate Relocation One of the easiest solutions to license plate relocation I’ve seen is by Susan and Claude… simply use 3M removable tape and an affordable small weatherproof flashlight to relocate your plate!

#7 Shelf relocation/reconfiguration Like Sharon, turn your 3 tiny T@B cabinets into one large shelf for more storage options! All it takes is a bit of patience and hard work 🙂

#8 Froli-System Addition nüCamp RV really hit it out of the park when they began offering the Froli Sleeping system. And the best part is that you can order exactly what you need! Just contact nüCamp with your request!

#9 Additional Refrigerator Cooling If you have a little extra time and a bit of ingenuity, you can be like Donald & Laurie and optimize the cooling of your fridge!! Just get a few cooling fans and go crazy!

#10 All the Lights! Once you learn a few simple electrical connections, you can pretty much go crazy with where you put lights, just like Rex & Ann. Never be left in the dark!

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