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Virtual üCamp 2020 Video Meetup!

Hi Everyone!

Hello! By now, we’ve all heard the news that nüCamp has had to cancel üCamp 2020. But there’s good news! Whether you were signed up, on the waitlist, or maybe couldn’t even make it at all… now, you can!

We’ve teamed up with nüCamp RV to create and share videos, greetings, and a virtual version of many events. Even if we can’t be there in person, we can see each other’s faces and smiles! But we need YOUR help!

We’d love for you to participate by submitting short, unedited videos in the categories below. We would love to have these videos ready to go so that we can premiere them LIVE on our YouTube channel and we can all comment and enjoy together. (not the same as sitting around a campfire, but better than nothing!)

Please have all videos submitted by midnight, June 15, 2020.

Video Details & Tips

  1. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use, from cell phone video to professional camera, it all works!

  2. PLEASE film HORIZONTALLY. TV’s are horizontal, and so should be your video. (I beg you!)

  3. Speak loudly and avoid a lot of excess noise.

  4. Be brief! I want to include as many people as possible and make it fun to watch, so HAVE FUN but also get to the point 😉 Keep each answer or question to 30-60 seconds.

  5. I will edit! Don’t worry if you mess up… start your sentence over. If you send multiple videos I will put them together.

  6. Send in as many videos as you can! If you just want to participate in one category, that is fine, but please answer ALL that you feel passionate about! The more the better!

Video Categories

Answer as many of these as you can, each as a separate video file.

If you submit 6 or more categories, I will mail you a free 2020 calendar (hey, it’s still half good!) and sticker.

#1: Wine & Cheese Happy Hour

What food/drink would you have brought with you and why? Show us and give us a “Cheers to… (insert cheers here)”…

#2: Swap Meet

Did you have something to sell that is available online? Show us what you have to sell and tell us where we can get it! (I will include a link)

#3: Potluck

Make your favorite dish at home (or even better, in your camper!), then show and tell us about it! Share why you love it.

#4: For the Newbies

What quick, basic advice do you have for newbies camping with their very first trailer?

#5: Tech Talk

What question do you have for the tech reps at nüCamp? Just ask while looking at the camera or show us in your trailer. We will have Marvin and Creed record answers!

#6: Women’s Camping Tips

What advice do you have for female campers? Safety issues, helpful hints and useful gadgets?

#7: Dog Parade

The parade is still on! Show off your pup! Introduce the name and breed, and then dress them up, strut their stuff or show a trick!

#8: Musical Interlude

Play an instrument? Send me a sound clip or a whole song (video preferred) of you playing something fun!

#9: Share your Camper!

I know you all have worked hard customizing your tiny home away from home. Share your favorite modification, decoration, or useful accessory. Be creative!

Submit Video to Mandy

Please have all videos submitted by midnight, June 15, 2020. (The earlier the better, I’d rather not be swamped on the 15th!)

We are happy to accept video in whatever way is easiest for you to send it. Here are a few options, but if you have a method you prefer, please let me know!!

  1. Email to

  2. Upload to and text/email me a link.

  3. Upload to your favorite file-sharing site and email me a link (iCloud, Google Photos, OneDrive, etc.) and text/email me a link.

  4. Phone number: (512) 963-7290

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