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Changing a tire on your T@b Trailer

Changing a tire on your T@b Trailer

No one wants it to happen, but we all must be prepared for it… a flat tire on our camper!!! Much like changing a tire on a car, you should be prepared to change a tire on your trailer. With a recent flat we had to deal with, we created this video to share some tips that we discovered while replacing our tire, along with the tools we discovered we need! Enjoy!

What did we learn?

Don’t be like us. Know your tools. Try it before you need it. Perfect practice makes perfect!!

Tools we recommend:


I should clarify here – a suitable jack for your camper! You’ll need to make sure that at it’s lowest setting your jack can get underneath your camper even with a flat tire. Next, it needs to be able to raise high enough to actually get your camper off the ground!! In some cases, this might require two jacks. Here are a few of the styles we’ve found useful:

Socket Wrench Kit

A standard wrench kit with sockets is always good to have around, for many uses! We needed this to remove the spare tire from the spare tire mount. Check to see how/where your spare is mounted and make sure to have the right size tool to remove it!

Square bit/screwdriver

This is a T@B specific tool that is a MUST for all T@B owners! Have you ever noticed how all of the screws in the camper use an uncommon square bit!? I keep this little tool around anytime I have to tighten something. And guess what? The fenders are held on with the same screws! So just in case you’re having a hard time fitting the tire behind the fender, just take it off!

Tire Iron or Torque Wrench

This is the main tool for getting your tire on and off! If you choose to keep a tire iron, make sure that it fits the lug nuts. The lug nuts on your camper might be different than the ones on your car, so you need to make sure you have the proper tool for either case. The benefit to a torque wrench is that you can get a kit with multiple attachments.

Air Compressor

Finally, it is never a bad idea to have an air compressor ready for either camper tires or car tires! If you have a slower leak, you might be able to add some air until you can get to a repair shop, and avoid changing your tire all together. There are several options that are small and run off of 12V.

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