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A Day in the Life… #2

After releasing our first “Day in the Life” video, we felt so excited to be sharing our raw and true “behind-the-scenes” lives with you! So, of course we made another. This time, after filming a YouTube video, we go on a scavenger hunt that one of our Patreons challenged us to do. It was great to have a purpose to our day, as well as explore some new areas!


We began our day with a bit of computer work. After throwing on a touch of make-up (which I only do for YouTube videos), I got to work setting up to film a new video for the ladies: How to Pee and Poop in the Outdoors! I know it sounds silly, but so many women really need to hear about this without being embarrassed!!

Many folks don’t realize how much work goes into filming, editing, and sharing a video. I would easily say that for every 1 minute of edited content I release, I spend 2 hours of filming/editing. So a 10 minute video? Yes, 20 hours!

Luckily, I am always armed with my favorite gear: my Nikon Z7, my Saramonic Mics, and either my Winston or Billy tripods made by 3 Legged Thing.


After our first Day in the Life video, one of our Patrons decided to send us a little challenge, with a little incentive… $10 per item found, and she chose the items! Our challenge was…

• A Columbine • Chocolate • A Waterfall • Stick shaped like letter, or rock shaped like animal • Our reflection • Weston Pass • A Dragon • Kendrick’s hair as Princess Leia • A wild animal going #2

This was a very fun challenge because it took Kendrick and I to places that we had never been, and would never have gone if it weren’t for this game! We are proud to say that we completed 9 of the 10 challenges… the 10th being out of our control (I mean… who here can control the bowels of a wild animal??).

The Proof is in the Photos…

Weston Pass

A Columbine

A Waterfall


Our Reflection (#1)

Our Reflection (#2)

A “Dragon”

Princess Leia Buns

A Stone or Stick

A huge “Thank You” to all who challenged, paid, and watched our fun day. We are excited to share more of our real and uncut lives with you!!

Love & Light, Mandy & Kendrick

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