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A Day in the Life…

I’m not sure what inspired me to film my day and share it with you. Mostly I think its just an attempt to be more authentic and connect with our viewers. In this video I take you through a day of fishing, drawing, and cleaning my camera sensor. No two days are alike, and that is the only constant thing about our days. Let me know if this style of video is boring or if you’d like more!

After Kendrick made me our daily coffee, I dropped him off at the lake for some fishing. I headed back to our camp to get some work done – both on the computer, and outside filleting fish! Although you can cook trout whole, I’ve taken the opportunity to learn to filet fish! With our thin cutting board and a good filet knife, I’ve been practicing and getting pretty good (if I don’t say so myself)! I appreciate the folding table Kendrick got me for Christmas! Check out the video to see how I’m doing!

Next, I decided to take a little break and join Kendrick by the lake to draw a picture. It has been very peaceful for us both to find a hobby outside of work, and I am hoping that our new habits will continue after COVID.

Finally, I went back to camp because I needed to get my camera sensors clean! While I 100% will always suggest you take your camera to a professional, I have found that in our lifestyle, I simply can’t do it often enough. So, after much research I purchased a clean air blower, some sensor cleaner liquid, and sensor swabs. They also come in a complete kit. Check out the video to see how it’s done!

At the end of the day, I look back and can’t help but be grateful. It would be a shame if I did not learn from those close to me whom I have lost far too young. I can best honor my friends by appreciating every single day I have above ground. So when Kendrick passes out by the fire next to me, I will be grateful that I have someone to pass out next to.

I beg each of you to ask yourself each night: What was your highlight, your lowlight, and your grateful. This helps me to put my life into perspective, and hopefully it will for you as well.

Love & Light, Mandy Lea

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