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2021 T@B 320-S New Features & Tour!

2021 T@B 320 Updates

The T@B 320 has seen several interior changes over the years. However, with the notable exception of the release of the Boondock Package, the T@B’s exterior has remained essentially unchanged since 2002. Well, that’s all about to change…

With the 2021 model year release of the T@B 320, nüCamp RV introduces several new and exciting changes to the exterior (and interior!), while maintaining the classic look that T@B enthusiasts know and love.

First, check out our quick video walk-through tour of the great new features you can find in the 2021 model of the T@B 320! Then, see below for all the specs and more photos!

New & Notable…



  1. Added more robust, functional jacks

  2. Spare tire located underneath, in front, like in the T@B 400

  3. Added External LP connection

Trim & Graphics

  1. New single piece roof trim with embedded awning rail

  2. Fewer pieces, less screws

  3. Trim color options now include dark red, dark blue, and gray

  4. Removed the ABS window trim

  5. Added three new vinyl graphics

  6. Classic—traditional T@B design

  7. Aspire—similar to the T@B 400 graphics

  8. Ridge—mountain landscape

Diamond plated LP/battery storage tub

  1. Now standard in all T@B’s, Plastic tubs have been removed

  2. Larger size designed for multiple LP tanks or battery setups

  3. All units solar ready

Other new features

  1. Chunky grab handles

  2. Nautilus water management system with custom marine-style baggage door by SeaFlow

  3. Upgraded porchlight

Optional Boondock Package

  1. Pitched axle, off-road wheels/tires

  2. Metal tongue platform

  3. Boondock door entry handle

  4. Cargo netting

  5. Custom entry step

  6. ABS fenders

  7. Tubular metal bumper on rear end

  8. Solar package


Cabinets and Hardware

  1. Choice of two wood colors

  2. Hidden hardware with soft-close feature

  3. Still 100% real wood cabinetry

Bed System

  1. Split back cushions

  2. Sliding expansions allow for a single “twin” bed or the full queen bed


  1. Larger, deeper sink with hi-rise faucet

  2. Push button ignition glass-top stove

  3. Larger, low draw 12-volt marine refrigerator

  4. 0.7 cubic foot optional microwave

  5. Jensen cube entertainment center with HDMI input

Wet Bathroom changes

  1. 20 gallon fresh water tank

  2. 17 gallon gray water tank

  3. Cassette toilet with 5 gallon black water tank

  4. Privacy entry door

  5. Sink with dual-purpose faucet/shower head

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