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2021 T@B 320 CS-S New Features!

2021 T@B 320 CS-S Updates

We recently released a video tour of the new 2021 T@B-S by nüCamp RV. Now, we want to share with you the updates in nüCamp’s other popular floor plan, the CS-S (short for clamshell) which primarily features an outdoor kitchen.

First, check out our quick video walk-through tour of the great new features you can find in the 2021 model of the T@B 320 Clamshell! Then, see below for all the specs and more photos!

New & Notable

Exterior & Outdoor Kitchen


• Larger, deeper sink with high-nozzle faucet. • New 2-burner stove with push button ignitor. • Larger upper cabinets that pass-through to interior. • More Robust, Functional Jacks. • Embedded awning rail. • New trim & graphic options (colors & designs). • Exterior propane hook-up. • Standard larger diamond plated LP/Battery box (large enough for two propane tanks or extra battery). • Nautilus Water Management System. • All units solar-prepped (factory solar optional).

Still Included:

• Large under-sink storage. • Optional .7 cu.ft. microwave. • 2-way refrigerator (12v or 110). • 2 outdoor speakers. • 110, 12V & USB power outlets. • Spare tire located underneath. • Electric brakes.

Interior Floorplan


• New sliding expansion bed system: allows for single or double occupancy bed layout. • Refreshed Cabinet Design, Hardware & Faces: Includes choice of 2 wood colors, still 100% wood. • Deluxe Cassette Toilet with 5 gallon black tank. • Custom, built-in sink with shower head. • Privacy Entry Door. • 20 gallon fresh tank, 17 gallon gray tank. • Cube Entertainment Center head unit with HDMI input.

Still Included:

• Alde heating and hot water system. • Central air-conditioning unit. • 19″ wall-mounted television. • 110, 12V & USB outlets. • LED lighting. • Fantastic Fan.

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