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20 Items for the Perfect RV Kitchen

If there is one question we get A LOT, it is how do we eat while we’re on the road? Well, just like you… we cook! Now that we have been in Little Bear for over 9 months – we’ve filtered out the “keeps” and “keep-nots” from our kitchen arsenal. And here are the items that made the cut – our perfect kitchen set-up!

If you only take one thing from this video, I hope it is these cast iron pans! Our go to cooking vessel is either our Lodge 10″ Skillet, our Lodge Grill Pan, or our small size Dutch Oven. For those wanting something larger, there is also a large size Dutch Oven.

If you get your cast iron pans, don’t forget that Lodge also makes convenient Pan Scrapers for easy cleaning, or this Scraper kit that also includes silicone handles.

A tiny trailer is nothing like a “normal” house, so we don’t need “normal” pots and pans! Instead, we use a small kit made for backpacking by MSR. I couldn’t find the link to our exact product we have (it’s pretty old) but here is a link to one I would buy today: MSR Cook Kit.

Quite possibly the biggest game-changer in my cooking has been the Omnia Stovetop Oven. Without an oven I have been hankering for cookies, brownies, and pizza… and now I can have it all!

The one item I never thought I would own in a tiny trailer, a simple rolling pin. Inspired by the purchase of my Omnia oven, I am now a baking fanatic! I’m sure there is a better one than the generic wood pin that I bought, but it makes my dough flat, so I’m a happy camper.

When Kendrick moved in, he didn’t come without baggage… but his large enamel pot is possibly one of his best contributions 🙂 We always say that every item must validate the space it takes – and this pot certainly does.

Probably my single favorite item in the kitchen – my coffee source. This is the French Press that makes me coffee every single morning, and I couldn’t love it more. Help us both out and save 10% on all things Planetary Design at this link.

To store all of that delicious coffee (or literally anything that you want air tight), we prefer these convenient, high quality Airscape Containers. Do us both a favor, and save 10% on all things Planetary Design with this link.

While buying ground coffee might be more convenient, there are some luxuries we are not willing to sacrifice, like fresh-ground coffee beans. To do that, we found the best and most compact hand crank coffee grinder on the market.

After breaking a very depressing number of my favorite glass and ceramic coffee mugs, I finally realized that was just not in the cards for me. I began my search for the perfect mug, and found it! While the design shown in the video is no longer available, you can still get the same mug in silver here: silver Mizu Mug.

Of course, when the weather is cool and we want to mosey around outside in the morning, our GSI Outdoors “Infinity” Backpacker Mugs are the perfect solution.

One item Kendrick and I both owned before we met were our Stanley Travel Mugs. That’s because they are the best mugs ever, and all awesome people know it!

We are pretty simple and came across some generic Plastic wine glasses. They have worked great for us, but I have to admit I’ve been eyeballing some collapsable wine glasses too!

I love whiskey, and I hate to do it the disservice of drinking out of a disposable cup, so when I found these “whiskey” (or juice) cups by Camco, I was thrilled! Yes, I enjoy my “juice” out of them.

I didn’t even know I needed these until they were gifted to us a few months ago. How convenient to have an easy-to-store and easy-to-wash solution with the flexible cutting boards.

While it might be quick to clean a tiny camper, it is also quick to get cluttered! Which is why I love this simple paper towel holder. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place!

Sometimes, its the simple things in life that make us happy – like my Viva Cloth-like Paper Towels. They never unspool while we drive, and they are crazy strong for our huge messes!

Keeping things organized can be a chore in small spaces, which is why I enjoy this plastic dish soap holder that keeps my cleaning materials tidy and in place, never having to move them when we travel.

This 16″x18″ dish drying pad fits perfect in the T@B 400 between the sink and stove. When we do dishes it is the perfect place for drying, and we can easily move it when we cook.

These drawer pulls I use as dish towel holders have been absolutely amazing! They are low profile but can easily hold a thick dish towel. I couldn’t find the link on Amazon, but here they are on Target’s website.

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