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15 Worries of RV Campers

The best way to learn is from our own mistakes. The next best place is from everyone else’s! So, at the most recent T@bazona trailer rally, I took advantage of all of the experienced campers around me and asked my fellow happy campers…

“What do you worry about when going camping, and how do you avoid those problems?”

First, check out this video to hear their advice! Then, find links below to learn more about the products and services.

#1: Roadside Assistance

Whoever you are or wherever you go, we are all prone to breaking down on the side of the road. Before leaving for your long (or short) road trip, make sure you have your back covered with some kind of roadside assistance. Some of the most popular services for RV’s are Good Sam, AAA, or FMCA.

#2: Wireless Video Monitoring

An often overlooked worry when going on a trip, is our home that stays behind! What if someone breaks in? What if a water pipe bursts? Keep an eye on your home and stay worry free. Some of the highest rated cameras are the D-Link Indoor Camera, YI Cloud Home System, or the Kamron Indoor Camera.

I know better than anyone that tiny trailers are prone to be stolen! Whether you are on a trip and leaving your camper for a hike, or even leaving it in storage, make sure you have multiple and redundant locks. I recommend getting hitch/ball lock combo set, as well as this tire lock. Use them all!

#4: Surge Protector (with cable lock!)

You can never fully trust the electricity at an RV park (especially those in Mexico!) and a quality surge protector is a great idea. This one by Camco is highly rated and will warn you of wiring issues. It is also recommended to get a simple cable and lock to secure your protector so it doesn’t “grow legs and walk off”.

#5: Know your Bathroom Solution!

We never know if we may find ourselves in a campground with a fancy restroom and plumbing… or if we have to make our own! Make sure you are prepared for any situation. For a bathroom, you could use a pop-up tent and a Luggable Loo, a portable toilet, a wag-bag, or just a simple foldable shovel!

#6: Know your power Solution!

If you like to get away from the world and boondock/dry camp, make sure you have a solution for your power needs. This could be switching to lithium batteries, or making sure you have a good solar set up.

#7: Make Reservations for busy weekends

While it is fun to fly by the seat of our pants, sometimes it is nice to know that we have a place to land – especially on those Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays. Try using apps such as Harvest Hosts when the usual campgrounds are full (use this link for 15% off!).

Don’t ever run out of water or full up the black tank! Know where you can refill and refresh by using apps like RV Dump Stations, Sandidump, Campendium, or any gas station app!

#9: Don’t run out of ice!

We all have priorities, and this guy knows that camping and drinking often go hand in hand! But that means we might need ice, so don’t be caught without! Try a portable ice machine to keep cool.

#10: Mark tent strings with lights & noodles

A great idea for anyone is to mark those annoying guy wires with both solar ground lights and even a pool noodle. No tripping here!

#11: Find a peaceful place to camp

Sometimes we can’t control who our camp neighbors are – but they can often make or break our vacation. Make sure to follow camping etiquette yourself and hope your neighbors do too!

#12: Leave “home” at home.

Most of us go camping to refresh and recharge. Don’t ruin your vacation for yourself and your family by not really “leaving” home. Turn off those electronics and enjoy the silence of nature!

#13: Know your route, carry maps, track gps

It should be a given that we need to “know where we are going”, but there are a lot of tools to help us out these days. Make sure to download the “offline maps” on Google Maps in case you don’t have service. You can also share your location with friends and family to make sure you don’t disappear for good!

#14: Don’t be scared, learn from your mistakes

The only way to make a mistake not a bad thing is to learn from it! And I guarantee that every camper you meet has made their fair share of mistakes before becoming a pro-camper. So, don’t waste a good mistake, learn from it!

#15: Make the most of every moment. Be present.

This is definitely my straight up favorite piece of advice. There are many quotes that could go with this idea, but this man says it in simple wise words. The reason we camp is deep and different for us each, but being present in the moment will change you in ways you could never imagine.

Don’t Worry • Go Camping
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