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14 Useful Camping Accessories

We recently attended the annual Texas Tiny Trailer Rally hosted by Princess Craft. Once again, it was a weekend surrounded by amazingly talented and ingenious campers who were happy to allow me to share their creative ideas! Enjoy the video showcasing their favorite camping accessories, and find out more at the links below. Shopping through our Amazon links even helps support us on the road!

Watch the video now!

#1 Narrow Shoe Holder/Hanger This is a great idea for extra storage if you have a T@B with a bathroom and would like some extra compartments to store things. This link will show you a suggested holder that is narrow enough to fit on the door.

#2 “Toilight” Toilet Night Light Find yourself getting up at night when “nature calls” and end up waking up your significant other? This motion sensor light will help you find your way!

#3 Satellite Radio Although camping is often about getting out into nature – sometimes on those long road trips we all deserve a little luxury – like Sirius XM Radio! This gadget is easy to hook up. It just takes power and your auxiliary plug.

#4 Foldable Electric Bikes Although not the exact same model as in the video, here is a link to some pretty cool foldable e-bikes. A fun addition to your camping experience.

#5 Custom Curtains by Talona Rustics The video featured this product in an inTech camper, but all orders are custom and can easily be made for a T@G or T@B. They adhere to the wall without drilling, and look pretty cool too!

#6 National Park Map There are a lot of options when it comes to decorative National Park Maps for your camper. Here is one I like. Whatever you choose, adventure is sure to find you!

#7 Big Red Campfire (or little) If you don’t have the time or firewood to build a real fire, this quick propane fire will give you the same great ambiance. It comes in both a Big and Little edition. Even use it during fire bans!

#8 “Perch” Magnetic Containers They sky is the limit when it comes to these versatile storage containers. They can literally go anywhere in your tiny trailer… and, they won’t come off while you drive!

#9 Foldable Bed Table In a tiny trailer, a table is a luxury we can’t always afford, especially when we are in bed. But here is a great solution for lounging and working on those rainy days in the camper.

#10 “Butterfly” Chair While I couldn’t find the exact western pattern to link to, this chair is a perfect solution for both comfort and a space saving size.

#11 Round storage table/footrest Any item that serves multiple purposes is worth the space it takes! This is a great solution for both storage and practical usage!

#12 RV Ice Maker Everyone knows that camping and cocktails make the perfect pair! So, if there is one accessory you need to have… it’s definitely an ice-maker.

#13 Meme’s Wing Walls These amazing wing walls are custom made for both T@G teardrops and T@B Clamshells. They will help shade your kitchenette and block the wind for easier, more efficient cooking! Choose any color!

#14 Custom Fractal Burned Table K&E Designs creates amazing custom wood pieces – from tables to signs and beyond – using fractal burning: A unique method of using electricity to burn wood. You dream it, they make it.

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