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APRIL 5-9, 2024



Join photographers Mandy Lea and Kendrick in the Ozarks of Missouri as we witness a truly extraordinary event—the totality of a solar eclipse! If you miss this one you’ll have to wait twenty years for the next one that can be seen in the United States!


During this workshop we’ll mix our loves of photography and camping to have a great weekend witnessing the rare total solar eclipse. We’ll enjoy camp-cooked meals, have photography lessons in the classroom and in the field, and we’ll even have a representative from NASA there to guide us through the solar eclipse experience.


Hotels and campgrounds are booking fast and charging ridiculous rates for this rare event. So, let us handle all the logistics and rest easy knowing that you have a place to watch the 2024 total solar eclipse!


Workshop Size Limit: 18 RV Sites

Note: If you are able to find off-site accommodations then you can attend. Contact us to register as an off-site attendee.


What’s Included?

  • 4 nights camping with electric and water hookups. Dump station is nearby. NOTE: price of workshop does not change if you choose to stay less than the 4 nights that are included.
  • Science Talk
  • NASA hands-on activities (building eclipse viewers, etc.)
  • Presentation on how to properly and safely photograph the eclipse (DSLR and Smartphone instruction will both be covered)
  • Special eyewear for the eclipse
  • Professional photography guiding and instructions
  • Camp cooked meals
    • Camp-cooked Pizza night
    • Pot luck dinner
    • Mimosa and pancake brunch
  • Other camping activities (cornhole, etc.)


What’s NOT Included?

  • Transportation to/from Holliday Landing campground
  • Transportation during the workshop. Though, we will try to arrange carpooling.
  • Meals not listed under “What’s Included”
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Trip protection insurance
  • Optional gratuity for instructors


Suggested Camera Gear to bring:

  • Camera (DSLR, mirrorless, or smart phone)
  • Lenses (macro, wide angle, wide-mid zoom, telephoto)
  • Filters (ND and polarizers)
  • Memory cards & readers
  • Batteries & chargers
  • Tripod
  • Cable release or intervalometer (recommended, but you can use the camera self-timer)



As hard as we try, we have yet to figure out how to control Mother Nature. Please be aware that there is always a chance that we will not see the eclipse at all if it is cloudy. Whether or not we are graced with a view of the eclipse, we will still offer all activites and instruction. There will be no refund if it is cloudy.


Read our Terms and Conditions before registering for any workshop

Eclipse Photo & Camping Event

  • This workshop includes 4 nights of camping with water/electric hookups. Arrival is 4/5/24, Departure is 4/9/24. The sites are all pre-paid, so there is no discount if you do not stay all 4 nights.

    Holiday Landing on Lake Wappapello
    4309 Wayne Route F
    Greenville, Mo 63944
    (573) 224-3430

    **There are hotels in nearby Poplar Bluff, Missouri if you are not camping. Please contact us if you would like to register as a non-camping attendee.

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