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November 7-10, 2023

Grand Canyon, AZ


  • Mandy Lea Photo is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service.
  • Kendrick Callaway is Wilderness First Responder, Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management, and Epinephrine Auto-Injector certified.
  • Mandy Lea is Basic First Aid and Adult CPR certified.


Have you ever stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon or gazed at a photo and wondered just how “grand” it really is? Sure, the view from the top gives you an idea, but the only way to truly experience the magnitude of the Grand Canyon is to dive in to the bottom! Journeying down to the Colorado River isn’t for the faint of heart; about 5,000 vertical feet discourage most tourists from making the trek to the bottom. Join Kendrick and Mandy on a guided backpacking and camping trip to the depths of the Grand Canyon where we’ll spend four days and thr