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AUGUST 14-18, 2024

Driving Experience Level: Moderate Off-Road Driving Required

Photography Experience Level: Beginner-to-Advanced

Physical Fitness Level: Easy-to-Moderate


Join Mandy Lea & Kendrick for an unforgettable adventure in their home state of Colorado! We’ll explore the rugged roads of southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and set up base camp in a beautiful backcountry site. This site will allow easy access to experience the blooming wildflowers, flowing cascades, historic mining ruins, gorgeous mountain vistas, sunrises, sunsets, and countless stars. Most of this beauty is nearly impossible to reach without a four-wheel drive high-clearance vehicle and a sense of adventure!
And if that’s not enough, you’ll be in some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery with two great photographers! So, make sure to bring your camera (or at least your smart phone) because the San Juan range provides countless photo opportunities! Whether you’re a smart phone shooter hoping to capture great memories to show the family or a veteran photographer looking to pick up new tips and techniques; you’re sure to go home with some amazing photos!
This workshop will focus primarily on 4x4 driving and backcountry camping. We’ll also focus on taking you to breathtaking locations where beginner photographers can work on basic skills and more experienced photographers can practice advanced shooting techniques. During the workshop, we'll be there to help you capture amazing images, provide photo editing advice , and share our knowledge of off-road driving and backcountry camping!


Workshop Size Limit: 8 vehicles.

Note: The group size is being limited to 8 vehicles (not including support vehicles). The vehicle limitation is to ensure safe driving for the group. Minimum class size of four participants must be met or workshop will be cancelled.


What’s Included:

  • Four-wheel driving instruction
  • Additional support vehicles
  • 4 nights of backcountry camping
  • Photography instruction
  • All necessary camping gear (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, cook/dinner ware, water treatment), if needed. Available on first come, first serve basis. All of our gear is lightweight backpacking gear. This means our tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows are fairly small. 
  • All meals prepared at our backcountry campsite. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee accommodating all dietary restrictions.
  • Coffee and tea at camp


What’s NOT Included:

  • Four-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicle. We will help students in securing a Jeep rental for themselves, if needed. We will also help connect students who want to share a Jeep rental or prefer not to drive.
  • Any meals and drinks in town before, during, and after the workshop
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water (we will have safe, treated water in bulk containers)
  • Air/ground transportation before, during, and after the workshop
  • Lodging before and after the workshop
  • RV storage during the workshop
  • Other expenses


Optional Camera Gear to Bring:

  • Camera (DSLR, mirrorless, or smart phone)
  • Lenses (macro, wide angle, wide-mid zoom, telephoto)
  • Memory cards & readers
  • Batteries & chargers
  • Tripod
  • Hand-held light for macro and night photography
  • Laptop (for editing in the field)
  • Backpack to carry camera gear to shooting locations
  • Cable release or intervalometer (recommended, but you can use the camera self-timer)
  • Rain cover


Read our Terms and Conditions before registering for any workshop

Colorado Off-Road Driving, Camping, & Photography

  • NOTE: If you would like to join and do not have a vehicle (you would like to ride with someone else, not drive) please contact us at and we will give you pricing and details. 

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