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8 Must Have Cooking Items for Camping

We’ve been going to the Overland Expos for two years, now. Of course, there are always plenty of rugged, off-road rigs on display at these shows, but those don’t really appeal to us because most of them are completely over-the-top. One thing that always catches our attention is all the creative gadgets people have come up with for your kitchen on the road.

So, check out our latest YouTube video below for demonstrations of all these great products and then continue reading this post for links to purchase, as well as some special discounts from us!

If you want to hear us talk more about these products (and joke around with our friends) be sure to check out the Princess Craft podcast, Episode 23: RV Small Talk.

Tired of not having an oven in your tiny living space or while out camping? Well, here’s your solution! With any burner surface you can use the Omnia Oven to cook pizza, brownies, cookies, biscuits, breads, and more!

The Omnia Oven costs $67. They also make a silicone insert for $24, a baking rack for $16, and a recipe book for $20.

The Planetary Design 48-ounce French Press has been our go-to coffee maker for the last few years. The insulated walls and BruStop technology ensure your coffee will be hot for hours and never go bitter. The AirScape containers are great for coffee storage when you want to keep it tasting fresh. When you want an all-in-one coffee mug, it’s hard to beat their French Press mugs.

Our favorite products are the insulated french press, the AirScape containers, and the french press mug. You can save 10% on all products by using our affiliate link.

Ever want a small, sturdy table while you’re camping? The Tire Table is a perfect solution! We used to carry a big, bulky fold up table that was awkward to pack and a pain to get out of the truck bed. The Tire Table hardly takes up space, is easy to set up, and is incredibly sturdy! It even comes with a fancy storage bag!

The Tire Table is $139, but if you use the coupon code littlebear you will save 20% (that’s $28 off!). They also sell a handy storage bag for $39 (which the coupon also works on!)

Ever boondocked in a spot without a fire ring? Well, the Flat Firepit is the perfect solution! This product allows you to easily set up a campfire anywhere (assuming there’s no fire ban) and the cooking grate will have you cooking over that fire in no time. The grill breaks down and packs flat into the included carrying case, which also doubles as a fire wood collector.

The SX Pack Flat Firepit costs $289.

The Cobb Grill takes portable cooking to the next level. With one charcoal cooking briquette you can get three or more hours of cooking time. The grill can be used to bake things like pizza, grill meats like prime rib or steak, and more. Plus, the stackable accessories allow you to cook multiple courses at the same time.

The Cobb Grill runs $180 and comes with several inserts, accessories, and a carry case.

The Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill has its origins in South Africa, but can be purchased here in the US. Pretty much anything that can be cooked in a skillet, pan, or on the grill can be cooked on the Skottle Grill.

Type some information about the Tembo Tusk Grill. The Grill with legs only costs $340. Or, you can get the full kit with lid and case for $375.

There are coolers and then there’s the Orion Cooler. These coolers can retain ice for 7+ days and have tons of accessories to make them function as a bar table, a cooking surface, and even a camp chair!

There are a wide range of coolers and accessories that you can browse here.

If you’ve ever lived in the back of a truck (you know, like Kendrick did) then chances are you’ve cooked on your tailgate a time or two. The Mountain Hatch Tailgate Cover turns your tailgate into an easy-to-clean, food-grade cooking surface that can be used as a cutting board. Products range from $220-$250, shop them here.

Hopefully these great products inspire you to keep eating well even when you’re off the beaten path!

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