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Tour the new AVIA Travel Trailer by nüCamp

We all know that nüCamp RV makes a quality, tiny teardrop camper. But what happens when they take their same work ethic and quality engineering, and apply it to a larger travel trailer? You get the Avia: a 28-foot travel trailer with a modern design and spacious interior. After several rounds of prototypes, the result is finally in, and I’m here to share it with you.

This last week I had the honor of attending RVX – a show where RV manufacturers get to promote current and upcoming products to dealers. The 3rd and final version of the Avia was shown, and I couldn’t be more impressed. The quality and layout of the build puts it on par with any Airstream – but for a much, much more reasonable price.

The below video shows the camper as it will be available for sale. Currently there are no other options, floor plans, colors, etc. – but that’s okay because it is pretty dang perfect as is!

Check out my video walk-through here. I’ve also included a table with features and specs below. Cheers!

Walk-through Photos: (click to enlarge)

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