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13 Bathroom & Shower Solutions

It’s dirty business, but someone’s gotta do it…

Last weekend we attended the Overland Expo West. This event features all kinds of off-road vehicles, trailers, and every accessory you could need for rugged living – my kind of event!! It was also the perfect opportunity to address one of my most frequently asked questions: hygiene on the road.

Like anything else, there is no perfect solution for everyone. There are so many different setups, situations and lifestyles that will require a different solution. So in the video below I feature all kinds of products from wagbags to composting toilets, and from shower wipes to full on roof mounted showers.

Watch the video and see which works best for you! Below the video you’ll find links to the featured products.

All the links!

Bathroom Solutions

#1: Australian Outback Toilet: a wood and steel toilet, sturdy enough to hold 500 lbs but also folds down to just 1″ thick! This is a convenient way to either bury your waste in a biodegradable bag, or to pack it out with you.

#2: Restop1: The disposable liquid waste bag – friendly for both men and women, this bag contains enzymes to breakdown waste and make it disposable friendly. #3: Restop2: Similar to the Restop1, but for your #2! A sealable one-time use bag so you can easily pack out your waste. #4: TowTabs: A compact biodegradable towel tablet that turns into an all-natural, biodegradable and additive-free towelette with just a pinch of water. #5: Restop Commode: a commode system built with all their products including the biodegradable bags and a shelter!

#6: River Toilet: a dual bucket toilet solution allowing you to easily seal and clean after long trips (up to 50 uses!). #7: Hand Washing Station: a simple foot powered pump allowing for easy hand washing (or doing dishes).

#8: Airhead Composting Toilet: The first and only composting toilet that diverts your liquids from solids. This means it is easy and discreet to dispose of your liquids, while your solid tank lasts a lot longer!

Shower Solutions

#9: Shower Pouch: A full body wet wipe, specially formulated to clean an moisturize using vegan-friendly and organic ingredients. Use coupon code “Mandy” to save 30%!

#10: Road Shower: A solar-heated shower solution that mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle. This is the closest thing you’ll get to a “real” shower on the road.

#11: Helio Shower by Nemo: This portable shower pressure shower is heated by the sun. It is rests on the ground in use and is powered by a foot pedal allowing your hands to be free to wash. Plus, it folds up really small!

#12: Aquabot Comet Water Bottle: So much more than a water bottle, this high pressure lid provides shower, stream and mist modes making it perfect for drinking, dishes, bathing, and brushing teeth. #13: Odor-Free Washcloths & Dishcloths: These quick drying cloths never need cleaning and never smell! The washcloth is exfoliating and the dishcloth is rougher to help clean better.


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